Anti-bribery Policy

Anti-bribery Policy

Our Objective

To state Tenaga Switchgear Sdn Bhd position on bribery and related matters, and to establish key pillars in its structure to protect the company against the impact of bribery.

Policy Statement

Bribery in all its forms related to Tenaga Switchgear Sdn Bhd activities is prohibited. It is the responsibility of Personnel at all levels to act with integrity. Tenaga Switchgear Sdn Bhd holds a ‘No Gifts’ policy, although certain exceptions are allowed. Integrity Pledges must be signed by Personnel on a regular basis, as well as a Conflict of Interest declaration. Business Associates acting on behalf of the company must be managed carefully. Reporting of misconduct by Personnel or third parties is expected, with protection provided for all disclosers acting in good faith. The company is committed to enforcing its position, with the Integrity Committee taking on this role.

For more information, please refer to our full anti-bribery policy here:

Anti-bribery Policy (Polisi Anti-Rasuah)