Smart Solution Switchgear


Traditional hardwired switchgear panels provide additional safety for your personnel but Smart Solution Switchgear optimize the same functions with programmable breaker control plus self-monitoring solutions with a configuration of all embedded intelligent devices.


  • Faster implementation and start-up
  • Space saving & gain real estate efficiencies
  • Increased performance &reliability
  • Smart with the programmable complex scheme
  • Enables remote monitoring, configuration, and control
  • Fast track with shorter manufacturing & installation time


 24 kV36 kV
Rated current [A]  
General busbarUp to 1600Up to 1600
Outgoing linesUp to 1600*Up to 1250*
Lightning impulse [kV]  
Between phases and phase-to-earth125170
Isolating distances145195
Power frequency 1 min [kV]  
Between phases and phase-to-earth5070
Isolating distances6080
Rated short-circuit breaking current [kA]2525
Short-circuit making capacity (peak) [kA]6363
Rated short-time current [kA – 3sec]2525
Internal arc withstand [kA – 1sec]2525
Frequency [Hz]50/6050/60
IP ratingIP42IP42


DescriptionConventional SwitchgearSmart Switchgear
Faster implementation & start-ups9 months5-6 months
Space saving & gain real estate efficiencyNoneUp to 50% of land estate size
Increase performanceSeparate devices and interfaceIntegrated
Smart with the programmable complex schemeHardwiring with a non-configurable mimic panelSoftware with LCD screen panel.
Fast track Manufacturing2 or 3 separate manufacturing plants that need system integratorSingle Manufacturing